Writing Wrap Up + Grenada Waterfalls & Forts

Hi blog peeps! It’s been another week of working hard and blogging away here in Grenada! I’ve had such a fun week in so many ways from touring the island a little more to hitting some traffic highs on the blog this week.

Welcome to anyone new who is subscribing for the first time! Every Friday, I round up a bunch of awesome articles from the Internet and share a few of my own too! Enjoy!

Grenada/Life Update

I’m not sure if anyone has really noticed or if I’m just being a weirdo, but I’m wearing a blue shirt in every picture this week (and all the ones from last week!) While my fashion sense is surely not as awesome as GMD’s, I promise you that every shirt is clean (despite the fact that washing clothes in Grenada isn’t ideal!) I just have to wear them for work, haha!

I gotta say, work this week was just as difficult as it was last week. ;) Below are pictures from Annandale Falls and Fort George. Enjoy, and you can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more pics this month!

Grenada, West Indies
Fort George
Grenada West Indies

Popular Posts That I Wrote For Others

I feel like I was all over the Internet this week! So fun! A big thanks to those who hire me as a staff writer or welcome me as a guest poster! {virtual hug}

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Posts I Enjoyed By Other Bloggers

There were so many great posts that I enjoyed this week!

I read Brian’s post literally the day after the hubs and I had a similar conversation about how to pay for college for our kiddos (once we have them and all that!) :)

Kathleen was debt free for a hot second.

Erin just put in her two week’s notice and is making a big move!

Carrie just posted her complete guide to landing long term freelance clients. Love it!

Shannon shared how to talk to your kids about family debt. She also had some great guest posts all over the Internet this week!

Mrs. PoP & Mr. PoP chat about Target. (Spoiler Alert: Mr. PoP hates it but Mrs. PoP says it has its perks!)

I loved this post by Em about how a job is what you make of it. It really highlights the pros and cons with working for yourself or working for others. I think I’m going to write a post in response to it next week. Such a great topic!


A big thanks to Anna Greg and Erin for mentioning my lil’ blog this week. If you mentioned me, and I missed, it lemme know! :D

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4 Ways to Start Saving for a New Car

Save for new carI used to think that saving for a new car was the very next goal on my list, but there are tons of things I have to do first before I can save the cash.

Well, first of all, let’s get the proper introductions down. I am a huge nerd, and I named my car. His name is KAL (yes, in all caps) and obviously, he’s a dude.

I thought about selling KAL this past Christmas, but only got offered $500 for him! So, we’re hanging on to him for the long term. (I <3 You, KAL! Sorry for trying to sell you!)

KAL is 11 years old and is an old Volvo (but in that graying, dapper way.) He’s my first car, hence the ridiculous love that I have for him. My parents gave him to me as a teenager, and we’ve been BFFs ever since. Still, my husband and I are sharing him, and I’m sure down the line when we have kids, we’re going to have to start saving for a new car and buy another one.

So, for when that happens and for anyone who wants to save up for a new car right now, check out the tips below.

4 Ways To Start Saving For a New Car

Move On Up In The World

Improving your job situation and vying for a raise is a great way to get the money you need to start saving for a new car. Working hard and trying to secure a raise will help ensure you can afford a new vehicle. You can also start saving money by taking public transportation to work or by starting a side hustle. Depending on your financial situation, you can likely save money for a large down payment in just a few months.

Watch Your Spending

If your goal is to own a new car, then it’s time to curb those spending habits! Try cutting out anything that’s unnecessary like going to happy hour every Friday, and put this money into savings instead! You may have a new or used car sooner than you think!

Pay Yourself First

One great way to start saving for a new car is paying yourself first. Essentially, every time you get your paycheck, place a set amount of money into a savings account. It helps if this money is slightly out of reach so you don’t dip into it during the month. After this money has been paid to yourself, you can then start budgeting and paying bills. This helps you to learn to live on less, and in just a few months, you’ll have a nice stash of cash to use towards a car!

Choose Wisely

I think the most important thing about saving for a new car is choosing something you can afford. There are tons of nice and safe cars that are under $10,000, and for all those extras like tires, oil filters, etc. you can find coupons online.

Overall, I’d say that saving up for a new car is not about cutting corners. It’s about trimming down your spending habits, working harder to make a little extra money, and saving up along the way.

Is anyone else saving for a new car? Perhaps you also named your car and you want to tell me all about it? C’mon, don’t be shy!

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net