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How Much Does Your Guy Spend on Guys Night?

Guys NightHappy Monday, blog peeps! It’s the start of another week, so let’s try to rock it out, shall we? I think a good way to kick off this week is to discuss a very serious and important financial topic. And by serious and important, I am referring to guys night.

Oh, the illustrious guys night. What happens there, I will never know. Do they actually sit there playing cards hoping to qualify for the grand prize at WSOP poker or do they secretly watch The Notebook together, crying softly into their pillows?

Why does guys night always seem to take place in people’s basements, like it’s a secret meeting of an ancient order of vampires? When I go out with my girlfriends, we like to go to a nice restaurant and order pink drinks – you know, out in the daylight.

Then there’s the cost. Nice bottles of bourbon, new manly DVDs about wars (probably just a decoy to throw us women off), and of course the money to play poker. My hubs hardly ever spends money on himself, so I’m somewhat okay with guys night, especially because it means I get a quiet night to myself without him studying next to me at my desk. Yet, I do worry about the influence of our charming single male friends, so I usually push him out the house to go to guys night saying stuff like, “Just don’t spend everything we have please!”

Since that’s a pretty vague request, it got me thinking of how much people should spend at these nights out. I don’t think I spend more than $10-$15 on girls night. Usually I contribute 1 bottle of (cheap) wine, and my friend and I rotate this cost, so it’s maybe $20-$30 bucks a month? But men love their gadgets and their DVDs and their nice poker chips, so I feel like guys night maybe costs more? Of course, if your girls night consists of manicures and massages, etc. then yours probably costs more. I mean, should girls night and guys night cost the same and all come out of a joint entertainment budget? Or, should it be the one fun thing that we all get to do with no questions asked?

Like I said, all very serious and important financial questions for this morning. Please do weigh in. :)

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