It’s Like Winning The Lottery

So my parents entered this contest….

3,000 people paid $5.00 a ticket for it.

My mom bought four tickets. My dad bought one.

And wouldn’t you know out of 3,000 people…

They picked my Dad’s ticket!

Now, what would 3,000 people be interested in you might ask?



It’s an incredible, fancy schmancy $15,000 children’s playhouse designed by Lilliput Play Homes.
And it’s awesome.

This particular playhouse design was even featured on Oprah. You can read about the company that raffled it off right here
So, naturally, we are beyond stoked about the playhouse. Budget Brunette, my crafty mom, essentially has an entire new house to decorate, and I am craft consulting via Skype! We are having a ball. (For new readers, Budget Brunette frequently makes a cameo on my site. You can see all her past projects under her tab.)
So far, Budget Brunette has collected odds and ends at thrift stores, antiques stores, and used children’s furniture she had in her old office to decorate the playhouse. She is also using items we found on our summer shopping adventures together!
Here’s the children’s furniture before she painted it:

And here is the before of the awesome antique mantle she found for the house, which my nephew (the cutest child in the world in my very biased opinion) is showing off.
She painted the mantle and my sister painted flames and firewood on the wall. 
(Sidenote: While a teenager, my sister actually painted an enormous 6 foot dragon on her bedroom wall with flames coming out of his mouth. Apparently, she convinced my mom to let her paint the fireplace for the playhouse by saying “Come on, Mom! You know I can paint flames!” As if we could forget the dragon…)
Anyway here is how it looked after my sister, Dragon Slayer, painted it:
And here is the in progress shot of the living room of the playhouse now:
Isn’t it so cute?
We’ll keep you updated on the playhouse progress. Budget Brunette is working on a family photo project as well as a cute play kitchen for it. So, there’s more to come!
So now I have to know, have you ever won anything? Spill it. 
One time, I won a Santa Claus figurine. That kind of pales in comparison the the playhouse, no? :)
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