Guest Bedroom Renovation Part 3

Thanks for following along to see my guest room renovation! You can check back to see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

In the last post about the guest room renovation, you got a sneak peek at my curtains:

Well, here they are loud and proud. I scored the purple panels for $7.00 at IKEA and the white Vivian IKEA panels were $10.00. We hung them just below the ceiling to give the room some height. Since we are renters, I devised a way to create tie-backs with push pens and some ribbon I had lying around. You can see a close up of the curtains here:

And the tie backs here:

I also added a faux bedskirt. Simply purchase fabric you like and hem it using hem tape. Then, just pull the mattress up, lie it flat, and safety pin it into place. Here I am pulling the mattress up and placing the fabric where I want it:

And here is the finished product:

So, there you have it. The curtains and bed skirt are in. Stay tuned for the final accessories, and we’ll be able to stick a fork in it and call this baby done! Are any of you working on any fun renovation projects (or just cleaning up a junk room like myself?) If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Guest Bedroom Renovation Part 2

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to our troops for their service!
If you remember from my first post about my guest room renovation, this is what the room looked like when we last left it:
Since spray painting the bed, we have done a few quick fixes to the room. Unfortunately, we can’t change everything about the room because we are renters, but we were able to alter it just a tad. Here is the fan that was in the room before:
Need I say more? Sorry Mr. Fan – You just can’t hang with the purple and yellow décor.  Luckily, the hubs found some white interchangeable parts in the closet and was able to do a switchero for me:
It’s still not the greatest, but it is certainly better than before!
Next, my sweet hubby installed a floating shelf. We purchased it for $20.00 on a recent Ikea trip and plan to accessorize it with some of our memories from home and memorable dates we had (all while keeping with the purple and gold theme). Stay tuned for those details later in the week.
For those of you who wondered what floating shelves look like going into the wall, here are some photos. It actually fits over a sturdy metal grip:
The hubs simply measured, made sure it was level, screwed it into the wall, and slipped the shelf over it. Here is the finished product:
And lastly, I added the quilt that my Milly (mother-in-law) made for us as a wedding present. It’s an incredible labor of love. She included parts her wedding dress and my mother’s wedding dress. She cleaned clothes that went through Hurricane Katrina and pieced them into the quilt. She has clothes that we wore as babies, our school colors, and lots of pieces of fabric that hold special meaning to us all blended together. So, since my father-in-law and she will be the first to use this room, I wanted her to know how much the quilt meant to us. Here it is at the foot of the bed:
You’ll probably catch a peek of the curtains in the room. More on those later!
Do any of you accessorize your houses with special things that family members or friends have given you? If so, I’d love to hear about them!