Artsy Fartsy Red Office Moodboard

My lovely friend Jenn of Peas and Crayons issued a challenge to her bloggy friends, asking if they would create a moodboard for her future office. She offered up some inspiration pics in this post and asked us to design it around the color red. Now, I know many of you are Photoshop pros, but I am just getting into the whole layering and cutting out photos thing. For this project, I used Gimp, and I’m super excited to show it to you! Here’s Jenn’s fabulous red artsy fartsy office:

Here are the deets:
1. Sleek red desk from Overstock for $136.
2. Expensive but unique and chunky bookshelf from Target for $299
3. Paint Splatter rug from RugsUSA 5×8 for $240
4. Funky art from IKEA (that resembled the painting she liked in her post) $10
5. Saweet clear office chair from IKEA for $100 (better than the $400 ghost chair it resembles!)
6. Hilarious pencil holder with a ferret on it. Obviously this was necessary because Jen has two ferrets! From Amazon for $35.00
7. Oh, and I love these tealights for a splash of color in the fab turquoise color Jenn & I both love (for $10 from ZGallerie).

Total Cost: $830, BUT this could easily be lessened by painting a thrift store desk a sleek red as well as finding a less expensive bookshelf (I just loved the way the one I picked out looked!) If you do that, you could have a complete office makeover plus painting the walls for around $500.00. :)

So watcha think? You likey? I’m trying to get some more practice with putting together a room in the form of a moodboard. If anyone else would like me to make one for you, please e-mail me at Free for you, fun for me. (For right now, that is!) :)