VLOG: Seven Months In Grenada

I’m so glad that I started taking a video diary of how I felt about moving to the Caribbean. 

If you’re new to my blog, I began vlogging about my experiences here because I selfishly wanted to remember how I adapted to such a different culture. 

It’s amazing to me how much has changed since I first moved here. 

I’ve included my latest video about being 7 months in to our move as well as my video from 3 months in and 2 months in just below it.

If you have any trouble viewing them, just leave a comment, and I’ll try to get you there directly!

7 months in…

3 months in…

2 months in…

Have you ever moved to a new place before? How long did it take you to adapt?

VLOG: Three Months In Grenada

Last month, I did a vlog because it marked 2 months of living in Grenada. I can hardly believe how fast time flies here because now it’s time for month 3! So, you can click play to view the month 3 vlog below.

I kept myself honest and let you know what’s really going on in my head this month since you know I like to “keep it real” around here. Should be interesting to see how things change in month 4. Thanks for watching. :)