Guest Posting @ BrandKit

Today, I’m sharing one of my guest posts from the BrandKit blog. Whoop!

If you haven’t heard of BrandKit, you totally should. It’s run by the fabulous Andrea, who I’m lucky enough to work with every week as her editorial assistant. She has some amazing ideas about prepping young people for the job market. So, if you’re struggling and looking for a job, she has lots of techniques to help you get there!
{And pssst if you need a writer or an editor, you should consider hiring me!}
Anyway, here’s a little peek at the post. View the whole thing here.
Have a great day everyone!

How Selling ‘Trash’ Can Help You Move To A Caribbean Island

Today, I am writing over at Wilma’s blog.

The title of my post?

“How Selling ‘Trash’ Can Help You Move To A Caribbean Island”

It’s true. We sold almost $3,000 worth of items on Craigslist and in our garage sale. Then, we sold hubby’s car for $2,500. We couldn’t have moved here without that cushion. We could have never paid our first and last month’s rent without it.

If you are trying to save for something, whether it’s a new computer, a new car, a vacation, or maybe you just want to start a retirement fund, look around your house.

Ask yourself what’s cluttering up your life? What do you have that you never use? How many of your clothes and shoes do you actually wear? I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just get rid of everything. I am so much calmer and at peace with the few things I have.

Are there times where I drool over new shoes online? Yes. Are there times when I just want a new bag? Yes. But those things can come as rewards or on a birthday – not as everyday expenses.

Let today be the first day that you start to clear out your things. I’m telling you, you’ll love to have some extra cash on had.

After all, we got to move here with ours!

To read the post, please click over to Wilma’s blog.