Get it For Less: Personalized Quote Art

I was endlessly inspired by this beautiful piece of art by Not On The High Street that was floating around Pinterest:
The only teeny tiny problem is that it’s the equivalent of about $314.00 US.
I knew I could mimic the look for less with items I already had on hand: A small canvas, wooden letters from Michael’s, and Krylon white semi-gloss spray paint.
I chose the quote “Storms make oaks take deeper root.” It sounds silly, but I first read this quote on a fortune cookie! I kept it, since I opened it at a time I was seriously dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The combination of storm and oaks, which are so gorgeous in Louisiana, really made it special to me. I later learned that it’s from this poem by George Herbert.
So, this project is quite simple but it takes some time just because you have to wait for things to dry. First, lay out your letters and glue them to the canvas with regular craft glue or wood glue. You’ll notice I had a mixture of capital and lower case letters, just because I was using what I had. :)
When the glue dries, take it outside and spray paint it white. I didn’t even use primer for this project, and it worked out just fine. Make sure you get the canvas nice and covered too which can be hard to see because it’s white! When it dried, I used a water-based poly for extra shine. And that’s it!

The best part is that this project will only cost you around $15.00 if you need to purchase supplies! That sure beats $300.00!
So, I’d love to know – What are some of your favorite quotes that are meaningful to you or your family? Have you ever made art that incorporates them? 
Oh, and if you like the white on white look, check out the cute memo boards I made awhile back right here.
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Get it for Less: Lace, Silver, & Ceramic Fun

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a “Get It For Less” post where I scour the internet to get you gorgeous designer goods on the cheap. You’re in for a treat today, so let’s not waste any time getting started!
First up is this beautiful lace dress by designer Cynthia Steffe, which will run you $245.00 from Saks. Swoon, I love lace, but obviously this is way out of my price range!

Enter this cute lace dress from Forever 21. It’s one of the least expensive lace dresses I’ve ever found. At $27.00, I think it’s a keeper.
Next up, let’s go to ceramic animal land. Hubby, take note. I lerve lerve lerve this origami ceramic giraffe from ZGallerie for $50.00.
And, no offense to the legendary Jonathan Adler, but I like it better than his $120.00 version:
Lastly, these $100.00 silver ball earrings from Tiffany & Co. are gorgeous and understated…
but you can’t beat the price of these nearly identical ones from Overstock (also sterling) for only $15.00!
Well, that’s the round up for today! Have any of y’all found some steals and deals that look designer for a lot less? If so, I’d love to hear about it!