Parting with the Patio Sets

Hey y’all! I’m stopping in with a lil’ update on those cute yellow patio sets I redid. If you remember, they were completely rusty, dirty, and white when I got them for $40.00 off of Craigslist. I put about $100.00 into them, cleaned them up, and gave them the star treatment. Turns out they are just perfect for a patio in the spring:

I’m happy to report that they both sold on Craigslist this past week! One sold for the full $150.00 and the other sold for $80.00. Gosh I love to haggle. It gets my blood pumping! I just get the biggest kick out of spending a weekend spray painting and earning a little extra money for my family. All in all, my profit was $90.00, which we used it to buy groceries for the week! Hubs and I even put some towards dinner out which we never do. We had to celebrate since hubby got a 4.0 his first semester! Did I mention I’m so glad that my kids will have half his genes? ;) 
If you’re having trouble selling on Craigslist, I always say just have a little patience, grasshopper. Sometimes it takes a few weeks. Do some research and see if your prices are too high. I think mine were in this case but it’s always good to have a starting point! Also, think about if your items are seasonal. Those patio sets would have never sold in the winter! A little staging and throwing in freebies (like those $2.00 IKEA pillows) makes people feel like they are getting a great deal. Of course, tell me if I left out any tips or tricks. You know how much I love a good Craigslist story!

You Are My Sunshine (Yellow)

Wayyyy back last summer I scored 4 patio chairs and 2 patio tables for $40.00 on Craigslist! I bought approximately $100.00 worth of paint supplies and began to fix them up! Shamefully, I spent a ton of time painting them yellow but….yada yada yada [insert excuse here] I never got around to painting the last one!

It was like that little white chair was glaring at me all winter and cursing me for leaving him out of all the fun!
Well, in an effort to get rid of items for our move and for my quest to get rid of 2011 things this year, I gave all of them a cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, and a little staging for ol’ Craistlist:
I used Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch ultra coverage glossy spray paint in sun yellow!
I’m hoping they fetch $150.00 per set on Craigslist. I’ve already received interest in one of them! Wish me luck! *Update! Both sets sold! Read all about it here!*

{Pssst to see another project where I explain how to spray paint iron, check out the bed in our guest room}

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