How Much Money Would It Take For You to Go To Mars?

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.55.33 PMThere has been a lot of news lately about Inspiration Mars, a private, non profit project that is raising money to send a couple to Mars.

In case you haven’t read the deets, basically this company wants to train and send one man and one woman, preferably a married couple, on a trip to the planet and back.

The trip will take 16 months, and the couple will be in a small living space the entire time. (Basically they won’t be jumping out on Mars and eating marshmallows.)

The couple would be trained very well to endure such conditions, and the selection process would be extremely rigorous.

So, I ask you, friends, how much money would it take for you to go?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons.


1. You would get to be like Lewis and Clark, making history and seeing something no one else will get to see.

2. You would be one of the very few people on the planet to see the Earth from outer space.

3. You will be able to collect valuable data, making it possible to propel science forward.

4. You would get to experience this with your spouse.

5. If you make it back, you will likely be able to live a life of leisure, giving talks at college graduations and shaking the hands of presidents.


1. Let’s be honest. Does anyone really want to spend 16 months in a small space capsule with their spouse? I mean, I love the hubs. Really, I do. But, that’s a long time!

2. According to the articles I read, you would be exposed to a lot of radiation, so you can’t go if you want to get pregnant one day, and it might make you very sick.

3. You could die. Unfortunately, as with most space missions, this one is not guaranteed to work.

4. The food is likely not very good, and I don’t care to comment on the waste disposal situation. You’ll have to read about that for yourself!

5. You will probably be unable to blog or use Twitter in outer space, and for me, I think that’s a deal breaker.

I should mention that no one has really commented on whether or not these astronauts will get paid. I wonder if they even will or if it will be like winning the Triwizard Cup (a la Harry Potter) with the reward being eternal glory.

How much would it take for you to even consider applying for a mission like this? Or, would you never even think about it because of your job/kids/grandkids/future?

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Organizing Caribbean Style: This is {Wherever} Wednesday #6

Every week on Wednesday, I update all of you lovely readers on the good, the bad, and the ugly that’s happening here in Grenada, the Caribbean island that I am lucky enough to call home.

This week, I’m changing things up a bit and talking about ORGANIZING! I noticed that I am using many different methods to organize my small apartment. It’s taken me over a month to find a place for everything, but so far I think we have a good system. I use a lot of things I found here on the island which could be seen as a bit unconventional, so I’m here to share! While I wish I had Target with beautifully colored storage boxes, I’m having fun using what I have on hand.

If you want to join in, I’d love to have you! I think it’s an awesome exercise to notice the world around you, so please feel free to share funny things that have happened to you in your hometowns. We call this party This is {Wherever} Wednesday after a little saying here in Grenada called “T.I.G.” which stands for “This. Is. Grenada.” You say it when something odd or funny or strange happens, like how I saw a man walking 10 goats down the main highway yesterday. Click on the link at the bottom of this post if you want to play along.

And now, back to organizing:

First, I keep all our bizzz-ness in a Household Binder, inspired by a project over at the blog, IHeartOrganizing. This helps to keep me sane, so when my mom calls and asks about my car insurance back at home, I just flip to the “Car Insurance” page and read out the information. It has slots for just about everything, including Julep the puppy’s shot and importation records, customs receipts, rent receipts, and even a few recipes.
It’s kept on a shelf with hubby’s school binders:
And, we can’t forget about seashell storage. This little tray sits on my tiny dining room table.

And this glass jar that used to hold teriyaki sauce is now home to a growing sea glass collection:

Our storage by the front door is a bit ghetto-fabulous but it works for us. The bars on the window are actually a great spot for drying out ziplock bags for re-use (T.I.G.). And, the command hooks serve their purpose for our school IDs, sunglasses, and Julep’s leash. It’s not as cute as my key/coupon/leash organization at my old house, but it works for us right now.

Command hooks also help me organize my purses which now double as wall art. There just isn’t any space or shelving for my bags in this tiny apartment, so on the wall they went.
A behind-the-door shoe hanger is my lifesaver. It holds all of my bathing suits, unmentionables, my hair dryer, straightener, and all of hubby’s hats and belts.

And, of course Julep gets a pocket for all her toys. She knows exactly where it is and will stand next to it and cry, and impatiently wait for one of us to give her a bone.

All of my jewelry, spare change, and things I use every day like deodorant are stored on this side table. I used things I found here to organize it. The plastic egg crate was already in the fridge when I got here, so I decided to use it for my earrings. And, that’s a calabash shell that holds my spare change. 

Well, that’s the lowdown on how I organize just about everything around here. I think we’re adjusting quite well considering we don’t have stores like Target or Marshalls to snatch up cute storage boxes!

Please comment and tell me about any great organizing ideas you have at home. And, when you’re finished with that, I’d love it if you’d check out my friend Whit’s blog. She is also the lady friend of a caribbean medical school student, except she lives on the gorgeous island of St. Maarten! She made me literally snort with laughter with her link up last week, because she reminded me of me. Check out her post to hear how she baked Prison Cobbler, a perfect example of what we have to do because the grocery stores down here just aren’t consistent!


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