16 Christmas Gifts for $10.00 or Less

Raise your hand if you still have Christmas shopping to do.

Oh yeah, I see you in the back of the room there.

It’s okay. I’m not close to finishing my shopping either. However, instead of being a Scrooge, I’ve gotten down to business making you a list of 16 easy and cute Christmas gifts that all cost $10.00 or less. That way, neither one of us has to stress over this gift giving business.

Normally I would recommend making a gift, like crafting an ornament or baking a loaf of bread. However, I also value my time with my family, so this year I’m purchasing inexpensive gifts that still have memorable qualities. Check out some of my favorites below.

For Your Coworkers

Crate & Barrel Candle Holders – $3.95 each

I feel like everyone loves to liven up their desk at work. These pretty candle holders have a mercury glass feel to them and will be so pretty reflecting the light of a candle.

Scrabble Coffee Time Game - $9.95

Make lunch breaks a little more exciting with this game.

Mustache Coasters – $9.95











I love silly gifts. Seriously, what is with the mustache trend in decor that is sweeping the nation? Give these to your favorite cubicle buddy, and they’ll smile every time they use them.

4 Wine Cork Candles – $9.95 for all











If your boss loves wine, these would be perfect. They are much less expensive than buying an actual bottle of wine but still have the charm.

For The Girls In Your Life

Target Hot Pink Slap Watch – $9.99











I’m pretty excited that these slap watches are back in fashion. I’d wear this myself, but I bet your teen would love it too.

Forever 21 Bangle Bracelets - $8.80











These bangles look like they should be from a higher end store like Anthropologie. Buy them for your nieces. They’ll love you forever.

Jewelry Bowl – $9.95

A little bit of jewelry organization never hurt anyone. These cute little bowls come with several different animals to choose from.

Bling Votive Cup – $9.95











Seriously, glitz is never a bad thing. Any gal would love to use these to liven up her home office or make her bedroom pretty.

A Collection of Eye Shadows – $10.00









Most women love to try out new eye shadow. This travel sized pack makes it the perfect stocking stuffer.

For The Guys In Your Life

Simple Black Scarf – $9.95











If you’ve ever stood there wondering what to give your dad or your neighbor, you really can’t go wrong with a very simple black scarf like this one.

6-in-1 Tool – $9.99











I have no idea what this tool does or what it can be used for, but it seems like something the hubs would enjoy figuring out. I bet yours would too.


Batman Ice Cube Tray – $9.99











Men love batman, so why not let them make their ice cubes into batman signals? I kind of understand their passion since the fan girl in me thinks batman is hot in a has-a-sixpack-and-a-cape kind of way.

For Your Family

Send a Shutterfly* Holiday Card








We always send Christmas Cards from Shutterfly. They only cost $1-$2 dollars a piece, and I think they are the perfect choice for a gift to send to family when you can’t buy gifts for everyone. We always do a photo card with our pup! Oh, and I had Shutterfly ship all of them for me last year, which made sending them really easy and stress free. Here’s a tip: check out their special offers for great deals.

Cute Red Mugs – $4.95 each











I like that these mugs feel Christmas-y but can be used all year round due to their fun geometric prints. This is especially perfect for those who don’t want too many sets of cups and plates for the various holidays!

For Your Pup

Nyla Bone – $8.99 for a large bone











We can’t forget about our furry kids this Christmas. The hubs and I swear by Nyla Bones. Our dog destroyed every toy we ever gave her until we came home with one of these bad boys.

Doggie Placemat – $3.99











We need one of these placemats to keep from splashing water all over the floor. I know Julep would appreciate it too!


So, there you go: 16 gifts all $10.00 or less for everyone on your list. Which is your favorite? Side note: Is anyone else craving some hot cocoa right about now?

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The Simplest and Most Inexpensive Gift You Can Give

I know Valentine’s Day was so last week, but I wanted to show you what I made for hubs since it’s an easy and extremely inexpensive gift that you can make for anyone.

For anyone new stopping in, hubs is a first year medical student, and as you can probably guess, it’s extremely intense.

Throughout the day, he could have as many as ten different emotions from being excited about a class to being exhausted to feeling like he’s not good enough to being on cloud nine. It really is quite the roller coaster.

So, I made him a stack of 100 funny, silly, or uplifting quotes for him to take out and look at if he’s ever feeling down. I punched holes in the corner of each one and wrote something on them with a simple red pen:

{He’s already used them enough to make the first one come off and have to be re-punched!}
They have quotes from our favorite shows (Big Bang Theory anyone?), quotes from Shakespeare, quotes from successful people (“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford), really stupid drawings that I did to make him laugh, corny science jokes, and stories about persistance (like how J.K. Rowling got turned down by 12 publishing houses when she sent them Harry Potter.)
I was really surprised by hubs’ reaction. He was truly touched and truly loved it. Either that or he was emotional because I brought him a huge plate of spaghetti made with too-old pasta, and it was completely ruined. Wife fail and wife win all at once! That’s how I roll, peeps.
Has anyone else made a simple and very inexpensive gift or project lately? You know I want to hear about it.

Oh, and p.s. this gal didn’t go home empty handed. I was super surprised by my Valentine’s Day gift, a pair of really sparkly black Toms. Hubs had them shipped to my parent’s house, and they brought them down to Grenada when they visited. That took a lot of planning on his part and showed that he listened when I said I needed shoes to wear to work (I had lots of flip flops). I was really touched by the effort!

Have a great weekend everyone!