10 Fun Accessories For Fall & Winter

Hey blog friends! I have some fun stuff to share with you today!

I spent some time gathering up ten swanky accessories that you’ll love for the rest of fall and the upcoming winter. These 10 items are a mix of price points and styles, and I will be totally jealous if you get any of them because I really can’t here in Grenada! So, consider this virtual shopping with me, just for fun.
Check Out The Warm Colors

I don’t know if I have the style to wear these fishnet tights, but I absolutely love them and know someone out there can pull them off. I’m also a fan of these warm colors. There are lots of deep reds and dark purples out this season.

1. Kate Spade Fishnet Tights in Purple, $28.00
2. Gap Flower Scarf, $29.95 
3. Fossil Key-Per Shopper, $78.00

Someone call me when animal print goes out of style, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.
4. Revolve Clothing Antik Batik Saba Bracelets, $79.00
5. Saks Fifth Avenue Ultimate Mini Umbrella, $32.00
6. Charlotte Russe, Leopard, Studded, and Braided Belts, $10.50
7. Kate Spade Soleli Cat Eye Sunglasses, $94.00

Get Cozy
It never gets cold here in Caribbean where I live, but that doesn’t mean I can’t swoon over these comfy cozy accessories.

8. Nordstrom, Cara Accessories Cable Knit Head Wrap, $38.00
9. Ugg Argyle Knit Boots, $112.00
10. Target Merona Felt Cloche with Flower, $16.99

So what say you? Have you been Christmas shopping yet? Have you broken out the scarves and gloves where you live? Any of these beauts catch you eye? I want to know about it!

How To: Shop For Your Shape

I’m sure you’ve experienced this same scenario:

You’ve probably shopped till you dropped trying to find clothes that fit, aren’t too tight, and aren’t too revealing. Why is it that you fit in one size at one store and three sizes larger in another? There’s no streamlined measurements, no consistency, and no satisfaction of swiping your card for the perfect outfit.

Over time, I’ve realized the trick is to find a style of dress, for example, that suits your shape. Don’t worry about the size. Don’t worry about the number. Just know what style you’re looking for.

I’m going to use a dress an an example because they are flirty and feminine, and I love wearing them.

So, both my mother and I have an hourglass shape. She gifted me with er, how shall I say it, a bit of junk in the trunk. I’ll wear a tight fitting dress every now and then because heck, I’m young and I can get away with it. But most of the time for day to day wear, I try to not draw attention to my rear end and prefer dresses with long flowy bottoms.

This is a great solution for me. Every time I order a dress with a tighter fitting top and a flowy bottom, I know it’s going to fit. There’s no ordering two sizes and sending one back online. It’s always a go. Basically, I’m saying I know what size the top half of me is. My bottom half (which fluctuates depending on my m&m intake) is another story.

So my recommendation is to try on a few different styles of dresses. Once you find the cut and style you like, stick with it like an old friend.

Here are four that I recently saw on Modcloth that I know would fit if I ordered them today, and that’s such a nice feeling!

I am especially enamored with the green one. I have a thing for that 1950′s look. I’m so glad it’s back with fun waist belts, etc. 
Where do you like to shop? Have you found a store that fits you every time or a style of clothing that just works for you? If so, I want to hear about it!