Book Review: Heaven Is For Real

Ever wonder what heaven looks like or if there even is one?
Well, the sweet book I read last week explains all that and more. It’s told from the point of view of a four year old, who got extremely ill and was hospitalized, underwent surgery – the works. When he came to, he started spilling over with stories so rich in detail, his parents were astonished.
He told his parents he went to heaven.
He was able to tell them things he couldn’t possibly have known.
And, he was only 4 at the time with barely the vocabulary to really explain his experiences.
I read it all in one sitting. It’s quite short – only about 140 pages or so.
Overall, I recommend this book
It’s now a New York Times bestseller and the little boy is now 10 and leading a perfectly healthy, normal life.
Have y’all read any good books lately? Spill it. I need to load up my Nook for my big move to the Caribbean!