Blonde Block Party Number 2!

Hi y’all! Please enjoy the Blonde Block Party that I am participating in over at Michelle’s blog today! I’m sharing some really cute summer fashion trends that you’re sure to love. In the post, I talk about how I’m seeing lace everywhere! Here are some gorgeous items that I am crushing on that didn’t make the post. You can check out the sources for all of these by viewing my Pinterest.

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Blonde Block Party Number 1!

Hi y’all! I have such a special treat for you today! I partnered with two amazing bloggers, Heather from Blonde Undercover Blonde and Michelle (aka Miss Blondie) from A Little Bit of This & That to bring you a fun, fabulous…

Woo!!! Are you excited? You should be! We’ve got some great summer recipes, fashion, and even a few of the best beach books around to make sure you’re having a fantastic summer. Read on and maybe you’ll agree that blondes (or undercover ones) really DO have more fun! ;)
First up is Heather! Take it away, girl!
Hello, lovelies!
I’m Heather from…
There’s something we need to address right now.
I’m not blonde.  
I was given the name Undercover Blonde as a joke in junior high, and it stuck!
But luckily, Cat & Michelle don’t discriminate!
For my part of the Blonde Block Party, I’m sharing fun summer reads!
I really enjoyed both of these books and they would be perfect for lying on a beach- or on a blanket in your back yard!  Check out more of my book reviews here.
Also, since it’s so hot outside, I strongly recommend you keep cool with these…
I’m making some this weekend!

Thanks, Heather! Don’t those popsicles look amazing, y’all? Now, on to some more fun treats from the lovely Michelle! {Don’t forget to click on any picture to enlarge it if you want to see the amazingness up close & personal!}

Hello loves!  I’m Michelle a.k.a Miss Blondie from
 I love being blonde even though I sometimes have my share of blonde moments! ;)  And … I’m excited to be a part of the Blonde Block Party!  
Since this is a party,  I thought I’d share some fun drinks and desserts!  
How about a fruity, refreshing cocktail with a parasol umbrella?
Yup, you guessed it … a MAI – TAI!  Mmm….!

Or how about a tasty treat to take care of that sweet tooth craving?

Lemon Bars  {recipe here}
Mini Banana Splits  {recipe here}
Raspberry Lemonade Bars  {recipe here}
S’mores Pudding {recipe here}


I mean … who doesn’t love cocktails and sweet treats?!
I know I do! Thanks so much, Michelle! I love it all, especially the s’mores pudding! Talk about a great invention, right? 
Ok, now that we’ve talked about books and amazing things to eat, we definitely need something to wear to all the fun parties you’ll be going to!
Of course, the whole theme of my blog is to be a…

…so you can bet everything you see from me is gorgeous and affordable!

How’s about these a-mazing wedges from Target for only $30.00? You know I’d strut my stuff in these fine things, even poolside!

Oh, and I also had to share this beautiful linen dress! I am absolutely obsessed with anything that has a belt (It just makes you look skinnier, ya know?!). And, I can’t forget to mention that this one is a steal at $30.00 (on sale from $43.00!)

Well, we hope you had a blast at the first ever Blonde Block Party! We’re definitely planning on doing it again, so please stay tuned so you don’t miss all the fun!

Also, we really want to see what you’re up to! Pretty please leave us some fabulous links in the comment section showcasing your most recent recipe, craft, fashion creation, etc.! Being blonde is not required. ;)

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