A Pin of Interest

I’m a sucker for unique and vintage items. It’s a big reason why I wore my mother’s wedding dress, why I stick all my jewelry in an old printer’s tray, and why I think heaven is made up of rows and rows of antique stores….(did I take it too far?!)

Part of my quest is the thrill of finding a rare item. Part of it is the history. I could get lost thinking about who held this, who wore that. Sometimes, antiques are like time transporters to me. I touch them, and I think of all the people who used them – all the people who the item brought joy or sorrow or comfort to.

When I found this Public Health service button on ebay last Christmas, I knew I had to get it for the hubs. You might recall that I was so excited about it, I actually gave it to him early.

It was worn on the uniform of a World War I Public Health serviceman, a part of the Navy, hence the anchor crossed with the staff of caduceus.
This is the modern crest used today, which still has the staff and anchor crossed.

I kept this button safe for the hubs for a while. But, I’m a big fan of actually getting use out of old things, rather than putting them in a case to get dusty. So, I finally decided to act on hubs’ great idea to turn it into a pin for his white coat. That way, he can carry around the history with him, paying homage to all those who have worked toward preventing disease in the public health profession.

I did not take on the button-to-pin-conversion project myself since I didn’t want to mess it up. I went to our small town jeweler who charged $40.00 to do it. If you winced at the price like I did, I reminded myself that I gave the business to a local, family owned place. But, I think I could have shopped around a bit and gotten the same work for around $30.00.

You can adapt any button to a pin, so if you have a collection of your grandmother’s sewing buttons or your dad’s buttons from his army uniform, pick a favorite and have it changed into one. It’s a sweet and sentimental act that allows you to carry around a memory without harming the product.

He loves it, and I do too. My favorite part of the button is the perfect, aged patina. His is the meaning behind it. Do you have a favorite sentimental item or have you ever adapted something old to make it something new? What about things passed down from parents or grandparents that you love? Spill it.

Get it For Less: Globe Trotting

My bloggy friend Kelsey (remember her for being so sweet and making my husband a birthday cake while he was away?) inspired today’s Get It For Less post! Why? Well, she shared this gorgeous inspiration picture on her blog and confessed how smitten she was with the black globe in the corner:
She definitely has a good eye, eh? Especially because a similar black globe runs about $179.00 on Amazon!
Luckily, I scoped out one yesterday that I like even better at Target for only $25.00!
Don’t you love how a globe can either make a space feel more vintage or more modern, depending on the design?
He’re a huge globe in a decadent room in Versailles:
And a comfortable and cozy space from House Beautiful:
What say you on this globe topic? Yay or nay?