The Benefit of Embracing Minimalism

I’m a big believer that the state of our home reflects the state of our lives.

Back in the day when I first got married, I felt like everything in my home was a hot mess. There was mail everywhere, books everywhere, and way too many clothes (which I hardly wore anyway since my job required a uniform.) I felt like I couldn’t get a grasp on it. It wasn’t until I got rid of 2,011 things and moved that I finally felt like I got a hold of all the clutter.

Even in our 270 sq. foot apartment where we live in Grenada, we still managed to give away an extra large trash bag of items before we came home to visit for the summer.

Our lives were chaotic. Are chaotic. But, we’re getting better at calming down, embracing serenity, and practicing minimalism every day.

All summer long, I’ve been dreamily mentioning how nice our Grenada apartment will look when we return to it. Every drawer is organized. All the clothes we have are ones we regularly wear. All the dishes are clean. It took about 3 days to get it like that, haha, but it was so worth it. We both would love to keep it that way, because we know that when our home is clean and organized, we feel better. That’s the main benefit of minimalism.

Below are some of my favorite pictures of minimalist design. (To see the sources, just click on the picture.)

Minimalist Home Office

Each one of those homes evokes feelings of peace and happiness for me. They are clean, easy on the eyes, and streamlined. That’s what I’m after, one day at a time!

How to you try to embrace peace throughout your day?

It’s A Small World After All

My world is shrinking… At least, my possessions are. Yes, I’ve given away over 1,100 things this year, but this time I’m talking about size. I’m into the itty bitty movement. Small apartment. Tiny 10 inch computer and now…. drumroll please…. tiny… 
It’s only five pounds and is the perfect size to stow away in my bag for the Caribbean. It won’t take up a lot of room in our teeny tiny Caribbean apartment either.
Are you as excited as I am? Maybe? Just a little bit?
Okay then. I should introduce you to Janome. He was only $45.00 and even though he is refurbished, he looks a-o-k to me. Here’s a picture:
My Milly (mother-in-law) coached me in threading it, and everything works just dandy. Just as a tip, I bought this from Overstock. You’re supposed to get 10% off for liking their Facebook page. I couldn’t figure that out, so I instant messaged with a customer service agent who gave it to me anyway. They have top rated customer service! Use it!
I will keep you updated on Janome to let you know if he continues to do his job well. Until then, has anyone else bought anything fun lately? Or, is anyone else learning how to sew this summer like me? Spill it!