4 Essential Items to Pack to Save Money

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Travelers love the excitement of waking up to the unknown each day of their trip, and those who are the most experienced with packing have learned that a bit of advance planning can take care of nearly every issue they might face while away from home.

If you have the right items with you at the right moments, you can salvage any unexpected issue and keep happily trekking forward. Here they are below:

4 Essential Items to Pack to Save Money

If you love to travel, then you already know that travelling can get expensive! Planning a fun and cheap vacation is an art in itself. These essential — and cheap — items can help you out in a pinch and also save you expensive mid-trip repairs.

  • Duct tape
  • Baby powder
  • Clothespins
  • A Sarong

Duct Tape

This all-purpose tape has survived for good reason. Duct tape can perform all of these miracles and more!

  • Closing off leaks. Whether it is a leaky fixture, shower curtain tear or roof drip, duct tape can stop the water from leaking out. Leaks can be expensive; duct tape is just a few dollars!
  • Fixing broken luggage. There is nothing worse than watching your ravaged bag come down the baggage claim chute at the start of a trip; however, with duct tape, you can quickly patch it up.
  • Shoe repair. If your sole comes away from your shoe, duct tape can quickly come to your rescue.

Baby Powder

Regardless of what its name may suggest, baby powder has never been intended just for babies. Baby powder actually gets its name from its superfine, non-irritating soothing quality; it is gentle enough for babies but is also very useful for adults. Baby powder can help you out with all of these issues and more.

  • Freshening when you can’t shower. Baby powder is a great moisture absorber and it smells good too.
  • Removing sand from your body after a day at the beach. Baby powder is a great way to smooth gritty sand off your skin without abrading it.
  • Absorbing odor (such as in luggage or shoes). Baby powder doesn’t just absorb moisture well — it is also great for absorbing odors in luggage or shoes.


Clothespins are much stronger and more versatile than their name suggests. Of course they are staples on clotheslines around the world, but they are capable of much more than suspending your clothes in the breeze.

  • Managing the curtains in a hotel. If you are sleeping away jet lag, you may appreciate the chance to close the curtains against the daylight. With a clothespin or two you can shut out the tiniest cracks of light coming through.
  • Drying a piece of clothing. You can always be sure your clothing will stay put until it is dry with clothespins.
  • Keeping travel documents together. Clipping important documents together with clothespins ensures they never get separated as you move about.

A Sarong

A sarong is like the Malaysian version of the Indian sari — a single piece of cloth that can be wrapped and worn in various ways. A sarong, being much shorter than a sari (more like a longer shawl or wrap) offers great versatility for travelers, both male and female.

  • Can be worn as a dress, wrap or skirt. Because the sarong is just a simple piece of fabric, you can wrap it around you as a skirt, use it when entering holy places to cover arms and shoulders (even head if necessary) and even wear it as a short dress depending on the type of sarong you have.
  • Can be used as a towel. A sarong is a great towel in a pinch, say, if you spy a neat lake and decide to take a dip mid-day. Also, a sarong can be a handy towel if you are caught in the rain!
  • Can be worn as a warm scarf in sudden cool spells. When weather temperature varies unexpectedly, a sarong is the perfect answer to a warm scarf.

Essentially, when you embark on a new travel adventure with a sarong, clothespins, baby powder, and duct tape safely stowed away in your carry-on or travel pack, you can confidently face each new day knowing you will be prepared.

What are some of the items that you like to pack to save money?

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