My Favorite Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories Blogging Party

I’m excited to be participating in the Christmas Memories Blogging Party today, brainchild of Sicorra of the really awesome blog Tackling Our Debt. I really appreciate Sicorra thinking of me and including me in this little par-tay! Thanks Sicorra!

So, let’s get started. Time to take a trip down memory lane. Below are my favorite Christmas memories from childhood:

Christmas Cards

I doubt that many people really remember the Christmas cards that their parents sent out when they were kids, but I do because I drew every one of them growing up. I had a great art teacher as a child, and we would work for months creating a design that we later shrunk and printed on cards at a local print shop. I always felt very special when family members or friends of my parents told me they loved my artwork.

Christmas Pictures

Like many families, my mom had a great tradition of gathering us together for a Christmas picture. Even when we got older and went away to college, she still managed to snag one. Here’s an oldy-but-goody of my siblings and me. I’m on the left (told ya I used to be blonde!) By the way, my brother is still that adorable.

Our House

When I think of Christmas growing up, I always think of our home. It always looked beautiful decorated for Christmas, and we had so many memories wrapped up in it. Some of my long time readers know that this home flooded during Hurricane Katrina, and we never had Christmas in it again after that. I’m very grateful for the many years that I did have in my childhood home, but I wish I would have cherished it more or thought about it more. I never dreamed that I wouldn’t have Christmas in that house. You just always assume it will be there. Still, it reminds me to be grateful of every holiday that is spent with family and friends. This year we’re headed home to see our parents and our siblings, and we absolutely cannot wait!

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

P.S. To see the Christmas Memories posts of all the other bloggers that are participating in this par-tay, head on over to Sicorra’s post where she lists everyone! Thanks again for having me, Sicorra!

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Lovely comments:

  1. Love the picture of your siblings – reminds me of one that we have of when we were kids. My brother, sister and I were all wearing matching Christmas outfits and standing awkwardly by the tree. =)

  2. OMG that’s a cute one, kiddos and puppies! That’s really cool about the cards, way to encourage kids to get involved!

  3. Thanks so very much for participating today and for making the Christmas badge for us!!

    Very sorry to hear that you lost your childhood home to Katrina! That was an awful time.

    I love that you created the design for your family Christmas cards every year. You are so creative. I’m sure they were beautiful.

  4. I love that I am getting to meet so many awesome bloggers today! The picture of you and your siblings is very cute, I love the Christmas time attire. Sorry to hear about you losing your home to Katrina.

  5. What a great picture! I love the matching outfits. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your home in Katrina, but I’m glad you have many wonderful memories of it.

  6. I hope you have a lovely Christmas even though it’s not in your old home. Love the photo too. My sister and I were in a photo wearing very similar outfits!

  7. Cute picture! I hated dressing like my sister, I was the oldest one so it was dressing like a baby to me. She was happy to dress like her big sis..

  8. What a sweet photo. When I was little my nana always used to buy me whatever my little cousin wanted for Christmas. This usually involved getting matching clothing and or matching toys. It was fine at first, but got pretty bad when I was older and not into the same things/styles.

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