Traveling Abroad On A Budget Part 3: Vancouver

It’s time to finish up our week of international travel tips. Today, we’re chatting about Vancouver, baby! I honestly never even considered Canada as a travel destination until this year when I made some awesome Canadian friends at work and read the blogs of equally awesome Canadian bloggers. How could I have overlooked this beautiful place? 

Below are some tips on traveling to Vancouver on a budget, which is pretty hard to accomplish since it’s such an expensive city. I have Wimdu to thank for providing the great tips. They are a brand new website that sort of resembles looking for vacation rentals on Craigslist, except way better with great pictures, ratings, and ensured safety. Soak up their wisdom below.

From its colorful cosmopolitan city center to the surrounding coast line and sky scraping mountains, Vancouver is beautifully stunning city. This city’s uniqueness is deemed by its placement within the contrasting landscapes of natural rainforest, snow caped mountains and the pacific ocean. Vancouver fluctuates greatly with the season, offering new exciting activities with the changing weather.  However, with every great city there always comes a downside. For Vancouver, this is often thought to be the high prices that are found almost everywhere within the city. However, if you search for an affordable rental, you can enjoy your vacation on a budget. Below are also great activities and sites in Vancouver that are inexpensive and fun.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park by David Wise

This is Vancouver’s oldest, largest, and most popular park covering an area of 400 acres! There are a variety of indigenous trees, plants, and animals that proclaim Stanley Park as their home.  This is  a great place to rent a bike and explore the assortment of trails and paths that wind their way along the rugged coast line and through the dense rainforest. However, if a bike rental is not in your budget, this park can easily be discover by foot. Just give yourself a large chunk of time to make your way through the vast area.  While in the park there are a number of activities you can do for free such as a friendly game of football, playing waterpark in the summer, exploring sea creatures on the beach, smelling the flowers, or watching for wild animals!


Gas Town by Michael Rogers

Considered a national historic site, Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood that was first established in 1867. This is an excellent area to take some pictures and explore by foot.  There are several unique boutiques, funky restaurant, galleries and well preserved buildings to see.  One of the main attractions in Gastown that is completely free to see is a one-of-a-kind antiquated clock that is powered by steam from an underground system of pipes that also supplies steam to many downtown buildings. In addition, there are a number of cafes in this area that offer locally brewed coffee at a lower price than the main brand names shops.


Granville Island Marina by Mkdw

The number one attraction in Granville is the indoor public market. It contains a variety of vendors who are selling fresh produce, fish, cheese, bread, and other tasty local specialties. You can find tons of great food that will fill your belly for under ten dollars at this market. In addition, there are always well rehearsed street performers in this area that only ask for your pocket change in exchange for their entertainment. While wondering around this island, you can also check out the local brewery and glass blowing gallery for free!

With its lively feel and cheerful atmosphere, Granville Island is a place everyone can appreciate. It is physically connected to the city by a causeway, making this ‘Island’ easily reachable to everyone by foot, bike, bus, car, private boat or an inexpensive ferry.

Doesn’t Vancouver sound lovely? It’s now on my list of places to see in my lifetime. I seriously can’t get enough of cities with cute outdoor markets and historic areas. Canadian bloggers and expert travelers, fill us in. Is there anything that we left off this list?

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  1. Great post! Vancouver is definitely beautiful, and a great place to go for a vacation. My husband was just contact this week for a job posting in Vancouver but we said no because it is way toooooo expensive to live there and we like where we are.

    One of the things in Gastown that is cool is the world’s narrowest building. I also like chinatown which is close by.

  2. When I lived in Seattle my friends and I would go all the time because our dollar was so strong back then and we’d get some great deals shopping there. Now the opposite is true. It’s such a beautiful city. I had a friend who lived in the Kitsilano neighborhood and they seemed to have a lot of cool things to walk to like parks and markets and coffee shops.

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