Featured Post: Tips On DeCluttering

Y’all know that I am a huge fan of de-cluttering. Heck, in 2011 I got rid of 2,011 things! So, I was happy to welcome this post, which has a ton of extra tips and tricks. Enjoy…

Do you ever find yourself inspired from reading home organization blogs but you don’t have a professional background in interior design? That doesn’t mean you can’t take control of organizing your home or your life for that matter. Do you remember the last time you did a big clean up and how great you felt afterwards? It’s time to de-clutter, reorganize, and put the spring in your step for spring-cleaning.

We’ve put together ways to help get you motivated and get your life in order. Here they are:

  • Make Room (and Possibly Money) – You’ve heard it time and time again, “out with the old, in with the new.”  How long are you going to hold onto your high school sweetheart’s sweatshirt? Do you really need all of the things in your closet you haven’t worn in a few years?
    Go through your clothing. If you haven’t worn it in the past year set it aside. When you’re done sorting, take a look at the items you placed aside. Can you manage to part with them? If you’re having a tough time, perhaps a little incentive will help.
    Check your neighborhood listings for thrift or used clothing stores like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet. Often, these types of places will allow you to bring your goods used and they’ll choose what they like and buy them off of you to resell.
    Here’s a great tip: If you love to shop but are trying to save money, use only the money you make back from selling your clothes to buy new pieces. This will allow you to add new items to your closet without feeling the effects in your wallet. It’s also a great way to avoid letting your closet get out of hand with unnecessary items. Repeat after me, out with the old and in with the new.
  • Find Inspiration – When our lives and our homes are a mess, we are often burdened by stress and find it hard to focus. De-cluttering will help you not only find the car keys you’ve been searching for, but it will also help to find that inspiration you’ve been lacking.  When your closet is cleansed and you’ve reorganized your clothing, you may find the perfect few pieces that were hiding in a pile to inspire a new outfit. Or, if you’re in the kitchen and you’ve cleaned out the pantry and refrigerator, you might realize you have all the ingredients you need to make that new crumb cake recipe you’ve been meaning to try.
  • You Will Feel Good – There is no need to live in excess. Imagine the feeling when you rid of all of the things you have been holding onto, the things you thought you needed, but realize you can live without. It’s a freeing feeling, and the realization that less is more will bring calmness to your home and well being.

Do not wait until tomorrow to make the decision to de-clutter and simplify your life. Start now and welcome all of the positive benefits into your life and your home that de-cluttering has to offer. If you do have an interest in furthering your education and learning more about interior design, consider an online interior design degree.

Has anyone else started (or finished) spring cleaning? I’ve given away fabric scraps and a ton of magazines just this week!

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Budget Buddy: Decorating With Flowers Can Be Cheap!

I’m still on a break from this little blog recuperating here at home and preparing to fly back to the United States for the summer. Of course, that didn’t stop me from guest posting on the Smarty Pig blog today! You can read all about my “Secret Weapon for Saving” right here. Do you remember when I wrote about them recently? Since that last post, I’ve started new savings goals and almost have enough to purchase a new computer. I’m so excited, and I still highly recommend their service.

Speaking of guest posting on blogs, I actually have a lovely guest poster of my own today, the amazing Patricia who has convinced me that you CAN put flowers in your home for cheap. Love it. Here’s what she had to say: 

The cost of decorating the home can quickly get out of control. Fresh flowers are one of the cheapest and most beautiful ways to brighten and decorate the home. Celebrities use fresh flowers in their homes to achieve the perfect look. However, it’s not necessary to spend celebrity status money to get the powerful benefits from fresh flower decorations.

Ways to Get Fresh Flowers

Grow a garden of flowers that can be cut and used for fresh flowers in the home. This is the cheapest way to find beautiful flowers that will enhance each room. Enthusiasts often build a small atrium that allows them to have fresh cut flowers year round. A rose garden is one of the flower types that are great for cutting. In fact, most flowers will work for flower arrangements in the home.


Consider growing smaller sized flowers to act as filler for the arrangement. Phlox and baby’s breath are perfect for adding a delicate touch to the arrangement. Consider taking a free course on arranging flowers to get a knack for the art. This will help ensure that each bouquet will turn out perfectly.


If flower gardening does not sound attractive to you, find a cheap florist that offers free delivery flowers. The discount on the flowers themselves helps keep the price low. It does not require a visit to the florist in order to enjoy the decorative opportunity that it provides either. The flowers are delivered to the door and are ready to place on a table or shelf in the house.


A walk in the woods can also garner some very interesting and stunning flowers for decoration as well. Empty fields or other areas where flowers tend to grow wild will net hundreds of varieties of fresh cut flowers for the home. Be certain to get permission prior to going into any fields for this purpose. Some areas are protected wildlife areas.

Alternatives to Fresh Flowers
Consider silk arrangements if allergies are a problem. Silk arrangements do not have the floral aroma that can often set-off certain allergies. Pollen will not be a problem either. These can be purchased from 
a florist or can easily be crafted. Dust them off on a regular basis, and they can last for years to come.
Featuring Your Flowers

Flowers look great in a vase, but there are many other ways to place flowers around the home as well. For instance, an old decorative bowl can be used to make a centerpiece. Actually, any type of container can work as a flower holder. All it takes a little imagination to see the potential of any item in the home.


As far as where to place flowers, the kitchen table, coffee table, and dresser are great places to add fresh flowers to a room. They are front and center, bringing all the attention to specific areas. Place a smaller arrangement to one side of a bookshelf to add a little color and style. Flowers in the bathroom add a nice touch. It is especially useful to use fresh flowers in the bathroom area to lower the use of air fresheners.

Sum, fresh flowers add color and life to every room. They offer a feeling of contentment. They also act as a natural air freshener for the house. It does not have to cost a fortune to maintain either. The use of great resourcefulness and a little crafting knowledge can be helpful. If there is no desire to learn the art of crafting these items, a cheap florist can provide the exact desired look at a low price. Never overlook the beauty that a group of flowers creates. They extol love and a sense of belonging. Decorating might be an inexpensive venture, but it is one of the most enriching.

Patricia Hall works part-time for Serenata Flowers an online florist in UK and loves to surround herself with flowers at any given point of time. Even in her free time she loves to involve herself with everything flora and fauna. ‘To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers – it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways – unity of all mankind!’

Thanks Patty for all the great info! If anyone else would like to be a budget buddy please contact me at Cat [at] BudgetBlonde [dot] com.