Another One Bites The Dust

I had to pop in with a quick update and tell you I’ve paid off another credit card! Oh yeah, I used my tax return, pointed the virtual zapper at that balance, and poof! made it go away.

Can you tell that I’m So. Very. Excited.?

Two years ago, hubs and I had 4 of them with high balances. Now, 3 of them are at ZERO baby.

I have one left and am trying to knock it out by the end of the year. Never do I want to go down that road again.

How are we doing this living on such a teeny tiny small income? I just can’t say it enough – We live with less.

I don’t have an iphone.
I don’t have a t.v.
I don’t have a car.

And, yes, these things are possible because I live in the Caribbean with a bus that takes me straight to my work every morning. But, we sincerely hope to take all of these lessons back home with us no matter how much we may make in the future.

Imagine being completely free from the lure of the mall.
Imagine not ever popping into fast food joints for a quick $10 fix.
Imagine not ever being exposed to t.v. commercials that make you want the finer things in life.

That’s how it is every day for me. I don’t need a thing. I have designer bags and shoes all locked up in storage back home in Louisiana, and I’ve hardly thought about them. I have two iphones that sit here unused because I don’t want to buy the service plan. I have a cheap pre-paid phone that works just fine for me. Nobody cares. No one has ever said, “Why don’t you have a smart phone?” because that’s not the culture here. I don’t worry about wearing expensive things – it’s too damn hot for that. Plus, I get more compliments when I strut around in my hot pink $10 sundress from Marshalls. Seriously, it’s true.

All I think about is squeezing in as much time as I can with my very studious hubby. And, we get so, so excited when we think about what we’re going to save for next. Right now, we’re eyeing a big Europe trip like we did back in the good ol days when we were in college. And, I know this goal is going to be possible if we plan accordingly. We get super excited just chatting about the possibilities.

So let’s talk about you:

Do you have a big goal?
Want to pay off all your credit cards?
Want to go to Europe?

Take the first step. Cut out the excess.

Spend less. Live more.

It’s that simple.

This is {Wherever} Wednesday #24

Howdy blog friends! I’m still battling what I now know to be an ear infection, but I have some fun reminiscing to do! Call me stubborn, but I can’t let the party stop on account of a little illness. Won’t you join me in this weekly {This is Wherever Wednesday} party? (If you’re new to my blog – hi! – just click here to learn what TIWW is all about.)

Last week, I was so excited that two of my lovely blog friends participated by writing about their hometowns.

Gale shared a really funny photo of an extra stretch limo in Texas at the drive through &
Marisa continues to amaze me with the sights and signs in Detroit!

As for me, did you know that a pie could travel 2,300 miles unscathed? A chocolate pecan pie that is. Did I mention my mother in law is amazing? We seriously cannot believe she baked this pie, froze it, and sent it to us. And, yes we ate it, and it was still good. Based on this little experiment, we will now be accepting any and all baked pies to our little P.O. Box in Grenada. :) T.I.G.

Also, last night I was putting together a photobook of our first year in Grenada. I came across several photos that had me reminiscing a bit. I hope you like them too! T.I.G.

Hope you enjoyed the look back in time as much as I did!