A Memorial Day Wreath

Happy Memorial Day!
I decided to help my mom spruce up her front porch with some cute patriotic decorations that will last her all the way through the 4th of July. She keeps a wreath on the front door year round and just switches it out for various holidays.
My poor mama – She’s so busy, her Mardi Gras decorations were still up. But we won’t judge, right? Right? Even if there were three stuffed animals hanging by their necks with beads…..(sorry, Mom).
But, no worries. Cat to the rescue. And hey, I had it tough since I got to be inside in the air conditioning changing out her wreath (while she worked in her garden in the 110 degree heat). I’m a nice daughter, right? Don’t answer that. :)
Anyway, I just used what she had in her craft room and cleaned up her wreath a bit and we were left with this:
Nice and cute for the holiday.
How did you celebrate yours?

Going Down New Roads

I love the little historic town that my parents live in. It’s called New Roads and it’s a few miles west of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s a one stop light town of 5,000 people, and all the activity centers around False River…

I can guarantee you that the river will be filled with boats and jet skis and all kinds of fun stuff over Memorial Day weekend. It’s one of the things I missed most about Louisiana. Well, that and the food. :)
I didn’t grow up here – My parents moved here after Hurricane Katrina whooped New Orleans big time. But, I love the slow pace and the local shops…
And of course you can’t forget the pristine beauty that is so classic of Louisiana:
And you know I love me some historic homes:
…especially the shot gun houses. :)
Here’s hoping all of you have a fun and safe holiday weekend! And, I’d love for anyone with a blog to do a post about their hometown or their current city! I love to learn about new places and see some eye candy!