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I was so inspired by today’s post over at Centsational Girl. If you haven’t been to her blog, it’s absolutely lovely and her home is to die for. She’s a lawyer by trade and even had her own law firm. But, when this pretty lady became a mom, she decided to pursue her love of interior design. Her blog is a hit and she’s amazingly happy with her choice to change careers. Seriously, the girl mixes her own paint colors and her home has graced many magazines – you have to go and look if she’s not one of your favorites already.

I’m sure a lot of you out there are brilliant guys and gals with terrific jobs but maybe you’ve always wanted to take a risk? Perhaps the post over there will give you the jump start you need.

The post came at such a good time for me to read. As many of you know, my current contracted job ends upon my graduation in May.

I’ll miss it, but I forged ahead and applied to countless part-time and full-time positions all over the country and decided to sit back and let fate deal me in. It was a risk, and I took the first job offered which was a full time position for the summer at a camp back at home in Louisiana. I was and am super excited about it. I love working with kids. Of course, I said I wouldn’t go back home again after Hurricane Katrina (which I talked about here) but now I’m looking forward to being around my family again. Plus, my hubby can come home to Louisiana on his school breaks rather than to Virginia. This is a temporary solution but when the hand feeds you, you don’t bite it.

Where am I going with this? Well, today at work, a regular visitor came in to the museum and burst my bubble. Let me preface this by saying I am under an extreme amount of stress this week as my final research project for graduate school is due to my advisor for editing. 

So, this regular visitor asked me about graduation and my plans and we chatted about the summer and my camp job to which he said, “Well aren’t you glad your master’s degree landed you a job at a summer camp?” I smirked and held it together until he left…..And, you know I like to keep it real here, so I’ll be honest… After he left, I went in the bathroom and cried. Overreaction?  Maybe. But like I said, I’m under a lot of stress this week so I get a pass. :)

The truth is, I’m excited about the next step. I do realize that I’ve worked my patootie off and that I might or might not eventually choose a career in my field. I’m okay with that. I’m happy with that. I’m excited about that. Bring on the uncertainty and the mystery. I don’t mind the risk.

And while I’m at it, let me just say I love this blog and all of my readers more than anything. I am happy when I go through a thrift store and when I take a paint brush to something that used to be hideous. I love getting on my knees and sticking my head in someone else’s kitchen cabinets at an estate sale trying to find some milk glass. I like the embarrassed look on my husband’s face when I haul something out of the neighbor’s trash in broad daylight. And, I have no qualms making ten people wait behind me in the grocery store as I hand over a stash of coupons. 

Even if I made a million dollars a year, I would still do these things. I get a kick out of ‘em… What can I say, I love being BudgetBlonde, and I especially look forward to having a bit more time and clarity of mind in the future to bring you some more adventures, some more pink, some more sparkley, and some more vintage in the coming months and hopefully, years. 

Won’t you stick around?

What’s your dream? Spill it.

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Lovely comments:

  1. Oh, girl – I finished my master’s and my chaplaincy internship and moved back to Connecticut to live in my parent’s extra house. I have probably spent more time with parents than I have alone with my husband and I have mooched welllll beyond my comfort zone. Actually, I was just having this conversation with Bruce. But I think we did this for the long-term benefit of our family and it was definitely the right move. Go with your gut!

  2. Thanks Sarah – You’re always such a good support! Yes my parents have already been informed that mooching will take place! (Although, I’ve promised to do my share of housework! haha!)

  3. Awesome, love it !!!! Good for you girl, follow your heart and fear not what others think! I love a gal who marches to the beat of her own drum, that’s YOU!


  4. I have a lot of dreams. I had to put a lot of them on hold when I decided to follow Paul from state to state and it’s ruined my career for the moment (no internship means no license) but once things pick up steam again there is no stopping me =)

    Thanks so much for sharing this doll! I hope you’re able to de-stress and feel better super soon. Remember – you can do ANYTHING you want =) anyting at all! love ya girl!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. What a jerk that guy was! If HE had a Master’s he would know that most people who earn them have to work jobs at summer camps, or delivering pizzas or waiting tables – that’s how it works when you’re going to school full time as an adult. Man, that chaps my buns. Maybe it’s because I’m a grad student, too 😉 You’ll land your dream job soon enough!

  6. Love this! This post and the story about how you met your husband totally inspired me to write my own love and risk post, right here. :-)

  7. That guy was just an, excuse my French, asshole. But trust me, I understand the reaction; I probably would have done just the same. But your job is going to be awesome, and jobs these days are so scarce anyway, and it seems like the PERFECT solution to being long-distance right now. Plus, crawfish. Love you, girl.

  8. Ashly@Moon Walk says:

    Aww honey. Don’t worry about that jerk!

  9. Jonathan says:

    My dream was to marry a beautiful, intelligent, and loving wife . . . what can I say, you’ve made my dreams come true.

    Thanks for being a perfect wife! Sorry to make your blog all mushy 😉


  10. Awww thank you J. That’s very sweet (Although I think we both can agree I’m far from perfect!)
    love you.

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