Home Video: The Best Things In Life Are Free

Want to hear a goofy story about something I scored for free today? Click on the ol’ video below:
And, while I’m at it, here’s a to do list for the weekend. Let’s see if I can cross some things off, shall we? 
- Finish paper #1
- Finish section of paper #2

- Mega clean kitchen
- Do at least 3 loads of laundry and put away

- Lightly sand dresser
- Purchase paint
- Search for baskets to put in said dresser

What’s on your agenda for the next few days? Spill it!

{P.S. To check out another home video, just see this post.}

Budget Buddy: Nautical Inspired Living Room

My beautiful friend Summer who writes the hilarious/inspiring/fun blog The True Religion Project recently re-created her living room. This chick has a lovely house all to herself, but she was unhappy with her living room that was filled with hand me downs. So, with a little bit of know how and elbow grease, she painted, bought some new furniture, re-did furniture she already had, and ultimately made a nice little haven for herself.

Here are some projects that she completed: This was her TV stand before…

and after:
Here is an inexpensive table she already had before:
She learned how to tile, wrapped it in rope, and made it look like a table that should be in a beach home in Maine:
Her furniture looked like this before:
and the light and airy after:
Don’t you love what she did all by herself? And, her new paint color makes all the difference! To read more details and see more eye candy, check out this post and this post over on The True Religion Project
Thank you Summer for letting me feature you!!! And, if anyone else out there has some great budget friendly projects, send ‘em over to Cat@BudgetBlonde.com. I’d love to feature you!