Blast from the Past

My lovely friend Ashly who writes the fabulous blog Moon Walk posed a great question in her blog post today about stainless steel appliances…She asked, yay or nay?
My reply to her was…. when will this fad be over? Obviously black and white appliances were in back in the day so how do you find something that is classic that will go with everything as tastes change?
I have similar feelings about granite counter tops too. What will be the next big thing? I know when it’s time for the hubs and I to buy a house (you know…. like a million years from now) we really love recycled glass counter tops because they are gorgeous and so eco-friendly!
But back to the topic at hand: appliances.
Being that I love all things vintage I am crazy obsessed with the vintage appliance look, a la Rachel Ray.
See that pretty blue fridge behind her?
If I had a million dollars, I would find real vintage appliances and have them entirely re-done. But, there are companies now that make retro-looking ones. I would go with a sleek white, because I think the colored ones are too taste specific:
Don’t you love the mix of retro and modern? Swoon….
A big thanks to Ashly for inspiring me with her post today!
What would you put in your kitchen if you had unlimited funds?
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Lovely comments:

  1. Someday (you know, 30 years from now) when Brian and I can afford to buy and remodel a house, I really want a a kitchen with a big island in the middle. I love how it just invites you to sit and chat in the kitchen, and I love the extra counter space!

  2. I’ve never thought of it before!!! I’m so used to stainless being shoved into every house I’ve toured that It just seemed like the standard to me.

    I love the look of the white fridges you posted. Way better than the boxy ugly white ones that were in my old apartment! and all white kitchen would probably be ideal for me! but I’ll take what I can get with the rentals we’ve been living in =)

    Have a great weekend love!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I like the appliances that have the wood finish on them so they look like the kitchen cabinets and then you don’t have to look at the bulky appliances at all! (like this kitchen)

  4. We love the old appliances, they remind us of better times! They are also very cheery! We still can’t afford them but we been trying to decorate with that kitchy feel…………
    Laura and Michele

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