Coming To An Etsy Store Near You

I had a pretty productive weekend! We had beautiful weather, Julep got to play with tons of doggies at the dog park, and I even got to sleep until 10:00 one morning. Beautiful. 

I played around with my frosted glass spray paint some more and made something for my friend who is a math teacher, using this method in case you missed it:

I had amazing luck at an estate sale too. I’ll show you the furniture I got tomorrow. But, until then, take a look at my smaller finds:
Yep, that’s gobs of antique milk glass, colored glass, a brass candlestick holder, and some old apothecary jars. And, even better, I’m not keeping this stuff. Nope, it’s coming to an Etsy store near you….. called Budget Blonde. :) Yes, I bit the bullet and finally set up a little shop. Right now it is empty with just a header, but feel free to check it out anyway just for fun by clicking here. In the coming days, I’ll be cleaning these items, doing a little research on them for pricing, and photographing them. I plan on having very inexpensive prices, the kinds of good deals I love to find passed on to you. I’m pretty excited.

Can’t wait to catch up and see how your weekend went! Any garage sales, thrifting adventures, or spray paint extravaganzas on your end? Spill it.

“Just Because” Gifts

As many of you know, the hubs and I are currently doing a long distance thing. Time is flying by fast but we miss each other like crazy. We are both super busy and while it makes the days slip by, it gets much harder to communicate and fill each other in on our days. So, he decided to be sweet and send me something “just because” to let me know that he appreciated me holding down the fort over here. I was super excited when a little package arrived on my doorstep today. Inside was this print from Vol. 25.

Two little love birds staring at the moon. Can’t wait till my love bird comes home!
Have you ever received a “just because” gift? If so, I’d love to hear about it!