Free Mantle Decorations

Turkey Day is over, and I hope y’all have recovered from all the food, fun, and festivities! Now, I can happily say that the Christmas season is in full swing. Here is a picture of our fireplace enjoying the Christmas spirit!¬†We used a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card from our wedding for the stockings and shopped around our house for candles, art, and a vase we already had. Total price out of pocket for these decorations? $0

Have you been thrifting or using up some gift cards for your Christmas decorations?

Where’s Waldo aka Cat?

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving!

I am with the extended family here today:

Does anyone know where this is? I might be waving a wand there.
I can’t wait to share all the details with you when I get back. Hopefully, I will have learned how to apparate by then to save me from the 12 hour drive. :)

Oh, and the things I’m grateful for?
1. Hubby & Julep
2. My family
3. My health
4. Our jobs
5. My lovely blog friends