Making Work Your Play

The hubs and I are work-with-what-you’ve-got kind of folks, so when the opportunity came up for a little (read: extremely short) vacay, I was all for it. I got a little bit of research moolah from my university to go and check out a museum for my master’s thesis in my neighboring state, West Virginia. Now, I know West Virginia is not Key West, people. But, as much work as our little 2 person family has been doing lately, one night in a hotel seemed like a dream. Plus, it was paid for. Thanks, history department!

Now, I won’t bore you to death with all the details about the master’s thesis, as my blog is my fun place to get away from all of that jazz. But in a nutshell, I’m researching antebellum insane asylums. And that means I get to visit a few. Like this creepy place:

Yes, it was as interesting as it looks. But let’s get to all the details about the drive. We really love road trips. Of course stinky little Miss Julep came too. It took us several hours to get there, and along the way we saw a national park, so naturally my park ranger self had to stop in. Here are a few pics from New River Gorge NPS:

Please excuse how exhausted we both look! Anyway, Miss Julep made herself right at home when we got to the hotel:

She stayed in the car while we toured the asylum:

And we all enjoyed the beautiful changing leaves on our way back to Richmond:
So, does anyone else turn work conferences or business trips into a day or two away from the house? With all the stress of school and work respectively, the hubs and I love to get out on 1-2 day breathers. Anyone else have tips and tricks for cheap travel? Or, were you really just hoping for some photos of blue water and strawberry martinis? Mmmm… martinis……

Entire Ensemble: Feeling Fally for $60.00

I’m back with another edition of Entire Ensemble where I show you that you can get an entire outfit, accessories included, on the cheap. You might remember that I created two $50.00 outfits in the summer here and here. I mentioned in those posts that I might have to spend more in the fall due to heavier clothes, but I managed to sneak by for a mere $60.00 to design an outfit that includes a dress, boots, earrings, bracelet, and belt. Not bad for such a small chunk of change, eh?

Here is the look. Remember to click on it to get an up close and personal view of it!
The cute green sweater dress from Target will run you $24.99. The boots from Wal-Mart are only 24.00. The steal of a belt at $4.50 is from Forever 21. The accessories come from some fabulous Etsy sellers. The amethyst, copper and Czech glass earrings can be found for a mere $3.00 from a store called PurpleCoyoteJewelry. She has an entire section devoted to earrings for $3.00 so definitely check it out! The funky leather bracelet is $3.50 and can be used for men and women. It comes from a fab Etsy store called Martin1206. Also, since the green dress is in the junior category and would only work for small women’s sizes, this entire outfit could also be paired with this cream sweater dress for $29.99.
So, what do y’all think? You definitely don’t have to shop at fancy stores to find a fall outfit that is cute, comfortable, and stylish! Has anyone else scored some great fall finds lately? I personally can not wait to keep the windows wide open and let all that cool air in!