August Budget Results: We Are Offically On Lock Down

I give myself an inch, and I take a mile.

That is the theme of the August budget.

After going slightly over in June and July but still being on track, I was trying to go under this month. I knew we had some big expenses and lots of fun things happening in August so I built in an extra $1,000 to our budget.

Hubs had two weeks off in August, so I pulled some money out of our vacation savings to enjoy while he was home. I didn’t want to feel guilty about eating out or enjoying going places and so I added all of that in. We had a blogger meet up in New York City, which was amazing! I got to meet a ton of people. However, that plus the eating out and all sorts of other fun things meant we spent more in gas, food, tolls, babysitting, etc.

We even bought clothes for the first time since January. Like I said, August was all party party.

I think the reason we went over is because I knew in my head that I added in $1,000 and so I was just thinking there was no way I was going to use it all.

Oh how wrong I was.

Here are the numbers:

August budget

So, this month I will be traveling to FinCon so that presents its challenges but we’re going back to our $4,700 operating expenses level.

I’m going to be checking in on this more frequently, and I’m considering putting my credit card away.

Even though we pay it off in full every month, I’m starting to think I’m losing my touch when it comes to knowing where we are at certain points of the month.

Hubs is on board, and we are officially on lock down.

I should mention the last thing I wanted to do on Earth was share this budget with you, but I’m doing this to keep myself accountable and so there you go!

Writing Wrap Up + Budget and the Bees

5 months oldHi everyone – I hope y’all are having a great weekend. We went to see some friends of ours that we met in Grenada yesterday. We brought both babies, and it only took us an hour to pack to spend the afternoon with them! Bean went through 3 outfits while we were there, and they both went through a ton of diapers but we prevailed without too much hardship or being covered in vomit ourselves.

Slowly but surely, we’re building our confidence taking these beans all over the place. We really miss our old lives sometimes and really miss our friends so I hope we can do more of adding the babies into our lives rather than them being the little boss lady and boss man of our household!

In other news, I’ve been wanting to tell you all week about a new blog that I launched with my friend Natalie. She and I started designing and creating the site way back when I lived in the Grenada. In fact, she was one of the first people I told I was pregnant during a meeting about our blog (she cried happy tears when I told her by the way haha.) She and I have gone through tons of life changes in the past few months. We both moved from Grenada back to the States and then up to the NYC metro area all in the span of the past year. So, in between all that, we’ve been fiddling and adding to this site for a solid year.

My friend Natalie is extremely talented, and I know all of you will love her and embrace her into our little blogging community. She is the most organized person I know, and that is the truth. She’s also a very giving person, constantly giving her time to others. I think you’ll enjoy her organizing and cooking advice (because you know I won’t be dishing out cooking advice.) I also think you’ll enjoy hearing about her travels, the way she organizes and manages her money, and how she takes care of her sweet med school hubby.

The goal of our site is to provide life tips and inspiration to “busy bees” whether it’s about finance, travel, or general lifestyle posts.

Here’s the header we worked so hard to design together:

Budget and the bees

and you can check out the site at Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I feel a tad over-extended right now, but luckily I have the best VA on Earth, Kayla, who is slowly whipping me into shape and helping me to manage all of my different projects.

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Have a great Labor Day everyone!